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The Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (MAND) is a dedicated group of about 1,300 nutrition professionals. Our mission is to empower members to be Maryland’s food and nutrition leaders. Our vision is to optimize the health and well-being of Marylanders through food and nutrition.  MAND is a 501(C)(6). Membership is open to members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) who reside in Maryland or choose Maryland as their sole affiliate.    

2017-2018 MAND Election Results

Congratulations to our newly elected leaders! 

The additions to the MAND Executive Board for 2017-2018 are: 
President–Elect:  Megan Larson                              
Treasurer:  Chris Goglia                               
Secretary:  Glenda Lindsey                         
Delegate:  Jessica Kiel
CPI Chair-Elect: Kelly Rulle         
Communications Chair: Emily Craft                         
Nominating Committee Chair:  Rhonda Brandes               
Nominating Committee Members (2): Chimene Castor, Rose Clifford           
Clinical Nutrition Division Chair:  Melissa Strohl            
Education & Research Division Chair:  Oyunomo Ntekim               
Food & Nutrition Management Division Chair:  Cory Talbott                        


The MAND Annual Meeting was Educational and Motivational.
We Hope You Were Able To Attend.

Annual Meeting Agenda and Maritime Conference Center Map
Download the 2017 Annual Meeting Brochure!

See all the details on the Annual Meeting page.
Presentation Handouts will be posted at the bottom of the
Annual Meeting page until June 12th

How the Public Policy Panel is working

for MAND Members

In 2016 our Maryland State Public Policy Interactive Workshop had 77 members visit their legislators and once again show that Dietitians & DTR’s vote and as the Nutrition Experts are able to act as a resource to our legislators. After doing these meetings for several years and increasing our numbers . . .

Our presence has gotten us to the table:

PRIVATE PRACTICE DIETITIANS: House Bill 1318/Senate Bill 92:  This bill addresses the Access of Health Insurance Companies Networks.  Dan Shattuck, our lobbyist, arranged to have an RD as a part of the work group to address network adequacy and access within the network.  Livleen Gill, Anna Bondy and Glenda Lindsey are representing MAND on this workgroup.

AID FOR DIABETIC STUDENTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS:  House Bill 771/Senate Bill 71.  This bill allows for the State Health Department training of volunteer (all employees of the public schools) to act in the absence of a school nurse to aid students requiring aid with diabetes.  This would allow students to participate in school trips and other activities they would otherwise be unable to attend.  The workgroup to determine these regulations will include two MAND members, Andrea Troutner, a CDE and Marla Caplon, an RD with the Montgomery County Public Schools. 

Once again we could not have accomplished this without the connections of our lobbyist/strategists: Barbara Marx Brocato and Dan Shattuck.


For the last 2 years leaders in MAND have been working with the Maryland Office of Healthcare Quality on providing comments on the regulations for Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities. More to come on the final draft in the 2016-2017 year.

This June the Public Policy Workshop will bring MAND Members to the Federal level.  From time to time we send out an E-blast that asks members to respond to Action Alerts.

With this being an election year, it is a great time to have our voices heard.

We ask that each of our members take 15- 20 minutes during the year and get engaged in public policy dialogue.

The Public Policy Panel: 2016-2017

Barbara Hoffstein, RD, LDN, Public Policy Coordinator

Andrea Troutner, RD, LD, LDN, CDE, State Policy Representative

Anna Bondy, MPH, RD, LDN, Reimbursement Representative

Arnetta Fletcher, Ph.D, RDN, State Regulatory Specialist


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